Garage Fires happen very often, 1-800-TheClaim will help your recovery faster.
Now What? Who is going to fix this Right and get insurance to pay the bill?
Personal Injury recovery has two sides physical and financial
What do you do when your house is ruined by storms or tornados?
Where do you find experts to dry out a house and have the insurance pay?

Services on 1 800 TheClaim

All of the Service & Claim Experts affiliated with the 1 800 TheClaim Network understand your needs and issues to quickly recover, both physical and financially after your disaster. With 1 800 TheClaim you can find the highest qualified:

  • Attorneys Personal Injury & Other Matters
  • Collision Repair Companies (Automobiles) 
  • Collision Repair Companies (Heavy Trucks etc.)
  • Towing and Recovery Firms  (Autos & Heavy Trucks and Buses)
  • Fire Damage Restoration Contractors – Structural 
  • Public Insurance Adjusters (Represent victims, not insurance companies) 
  • Lawyers – Experts in insurance related claims
  • Interior Furnishings Cleaning & Restoration Services (soot, smoke, odors, mold, water damage, mildew)
  • Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Firms
  • Flood Damage Restoration Services (Contents and Structural)  
  • Emergency Plumbing Contractors
  • Glass Repair Services (Commercial and Residential)

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